Hearing Services

Our hearing services

At HiFi Hearing, we care about our patients' hearing and want to ensure they fully understand the nature of hearing loss. Here are some of the services that we offer.

  • Pediatric hearing services

    We’re qualified to treat all family members, including your children (and grandchildren!).

  • Free follow up appointment

    We’re excited to help you continue to take steps to better your hearing health. That’s why your follow up appointment is on us.

  • Free product demonstration

    It can be tricky to know how new hearing technology works. Come and see what the latest models have to offer you.

  • Ear wax removal

    Ear wax helps us in so many ways, but an excess can cause a kind of temporary hearing loss. If you feel you have too much, come and see us have it professionally removed.

Hearing Tests

Chances are that you wouldn't wait a long time without a trip to the dentist or optometrist. It should not be any different from having your hearing tested.

Even if you don't have an annual hearing test, a baseline test is important. As time goes on, you'll have something that you can compare your current hearing to. That way, you can be treated more easily if you have any changes in your hearing in the future.

Many people wonder what is involved in a hearing test. We want you to know what to expect in advance so that you are as prepared as possible. Here's exactly what to expect: 
  • Consultation

    Consultation: You will meet with our friendly receptionist and fill out your general information. You’ll then meet up with us to discuss areas of your hearing where you may be having difficulty. 

  • Ear Exam

    Ear exam: Our expert will test your ear canal or eardrum for excessive earwax, blockages, or any medical issues. This is done to rule out any conductive hearing loss causes.

  • Hearing Test

    Hearing Test: You will be asked to respond to a series of sounds and beeps at varying volume and frequency rates during this test. This helps our hearing specialist to assess what form and degree of hearing loss you may have.

  • Results

    Results: Your findings are recorded, and then a visual representation of your hearing abilities will be discussed with you. 


Hearing aid fittings

goal is for you to have enough time to get used to your new devices. Our hearing fittings are done to your exact hearing loss needs.

We'll see you for your first follow-up meeting one to two weeks after your first meeting. This will help us explore how well you are adjusting to the new devices, and it is also an opportunity to fine-tune any settings.


Hearing aid repair

We understand how much each day you depend on your hearing aids. For that reason, we are going to do our best to fix any issues you may have with your hearing aids. Whether there is an electrical fault or a crack in the casing, we're excited to get your hearing aids up and running again.

If your device has to go back to the manufacturer for maintenance and is under warranty, if you have a service contract with us, no extra fees will apply. If not, we'll let you know upfront about your prices.

Is hearing aid out of guarantee from the manufacturer? We can provide you with a quote for the repair fees and the related professional services required to get it back in top shape.


VA Services

For military veterans, the most common service-related medical condition is hearing loss. Through the Veterans Choice Program, we are proud to provide free hearing aids and services to eligible veterans.

The US-offered plan Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires veterans to purchase hearing aids from accredited community providers and other support facilities–paid for by the VA. That service is provided to veterans when the VA is unable to provide adequate medical care, or when the closest VA hospital is too far away or also difficult to access. Veterans must have advance permission from the VA to seek treatment from us to obtain free VA hearing aids.


Custom hearing protection

We are proud to fit custom hearing protection. These custom earmolds and earplugs are specially made to fit your ear canal's specific contour. If you have difficulty getting a comfortable or stable fit with conventional earmolds or earplugs, you might need custom hearing protection. They provide some of the best noise protection around.

Custom hearing protection can even come with attenuators, allowing for simple verbal contact while also shielding your ears from harmful sounds.

learn more about noise induced hearing loss


  • Batteries: We offer power for all hearing aid types, from the invisible-in-the-canal to the most powerful behind-the-ear models. 
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Your devices will last much longer with thorough cleaning and maintenance. We have everything you need to keep your investment working as it should. 
  • Assisted listening devices: Hearing aids can do a lot to help you in your daily life, but in some circumstances, you might need a little more help. Come and see our range of devices designed to do just that. 
  • Noise protection: Protecting your ears is paramount when you're surrounded by damaging noise in public places. Come and check out our range of options, 
    • Swimming molds: Swimmers ear is a real risk every time you step in the pool. With our swimming molds, you'll be able to hit the pool with confidence.
    • Sleeping plugs: If your significant other sleeps more loudly than you'd like, Our sleeping plugs are a godsend. 


      • All brands considered: Unlike other hearing practices, we are not limited to specific hearing aid manufacturers. That means we have the independence to recommend the very best devices for your hearing needs. 
      • Refer a friend and patient loyalty program: Receive a reward every time you refer a friend to our hearing practice! Contact us for more details.
      • Insurance coverage: We accept a wide range of insurances. Contact us for more details.